BYF . . .. Please ask before you vent to me, I'm ok w/ andro and masc compliments, I'm ok w/ nicknames (make as many nicknames for me as you'd like), I don't have tik tok so tik tok references will fly over my head.

DNI . . .. below 14 - over 20, if you try to preasure me to text/talk, if you're bigoted, dsmp fans, indirect ppl (srsly if i do smth upseting dm/talk to me abt it)

loves ?! .motorcycle/car rides, piercings, drawing, baking, the sims, rain, dbd, visual novels, youtube, metal, goth, screamo, midwestern emo, indie rock/pop, Twisted Wonderland +more

hates ?! .mushrooms, small talk, peanut butter, feeling excluded